What do you believe?
Last Updated 7 months ago

We believe that:

  • the Bible is God’s inspired, true, trustworthy and loving word, teaching us how to live and revealing that Jesus Christ is God’s Beloved Son;
  • all people -- from the darkest to the lightest, the lowest to the highest, the poorest to the richest, the most respected to the most despised -- are created in God’s image and deeply loved by God;
  • wanting only the best for us, God created us to have eternal and abundant life through Jesus Christ;
  • we have all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, holiness, kindness and truth;
  • loving us still despite our sin, God sent His Only Son Jesus to rescue us and pay for our wrongdoing through His willing death on the cross and His resurrection;
  • God desires us to turn away from our sins, respond to Him in faith, and receive His love, mercy and kindness towards us;
  • God wants all people to come to know Him as their loving Father, Healer and Rescuer;
  • the Holy Spirit fills and empowers us to live for God and to follow Jesus’ teaching and commands.

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